Share Others’ Burdens: But Don’t Worry About Them

Don't worry about dem worries!The topic of this blog post might sound confusing at first glance. Allow me to explain. For all my life really, I have done very well in school. In fact, I always say that “academics is my specialty”. As a result, I have often found myself helping friends and classmates with school work. Because I love it when others succeed academically, sometimes I go out of my way to help someone out.

For example, one friend from college had to write a paper for her class and she wanted me to proofread it. At the time, I had some assignments that I needed to work on and I was studying for an exam. But I decided to help her, because I just really wanted to help her succeed on the assignment. By helping my friend with the assignment, in a way I was “sharing in her burdens,” her academic burdens that is. 

However, because I was so worried about my friend succeeding in the class, I nearly did not have enough time to study for my exams and complete my assignments. Now, am I saying that you should not help people? No. Am I saying that you need to focus only on your own priorities and not consider others? No. What I am saying is that we each have our own individual lives and at the end of the day, we’re responsible for our own lives. 

Therefore, you already have enough issues and priorities you must address in life, whether that be raising your family, passing a class, or even looking for an apartment or a job. There is nothing wrong with helping a friend or family member sort out whatever they got going on. But don’t allow yourself to worry about others’ issues and burdens (except of course if it’s your children…that’s different). You have enough to worry about.




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