Book Recommendation

In this post, Inap-collage-forhomepage-small would like to recommend an amazing book, given to me by one of my great friends. This book that I have read and loved is titled: “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill was one of the best motivational authors of his century. His content is read and admired to this day. 

Not to reveal too much of this fantastic novel, the book basically reveals 13 steps to reaching success; that is, 13 essential principles to follow that will help you achieve your definite goals in life. 

In order to put this book together, Napoleon interviewed hundreds of the most successful people in his time, including millionaires like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Thomas Edison. He was in a quest to figure out how these successful people earned their fortune. He essentially wanted to discover the “Law of Success,” which is the theme of all of his books and is so beautifully summarized in this one. 

In an effort not to spoil the rich contents of the book for you, I will end it here and post the link below:

You can thank me later!

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