Cyberbullying Must End.

Cyberbullying must

Cyberbullying is a terrible by-product of the 21st century we live in, in which the Internet and social media is accessible at the click of a button.

Cyberbullying is an unnecessary evil that must be eliminated; it should be the new crime of this day and age.

Cyberbullying enables the bullies to attack their victims, destroy their self-confidence, and tear down their self-esteem; all from behind a screen.

Cyberbullying literally puts the power of intimidation at the bully’s fingertips and requires only two things: an electronic device and an Internet connection.

Cyberbullying can be credited as a major factor in the high rate of suicidal deaths, mostly among teens and adolescents.

Cyberbullying must end.

Cyberbullying is not only bad ethically and morally, however. It deters educational progress by disabling students from performing their best.

Cyberbullying, from an economic standpoint, can affect organizational achievement, not just in school but in the workplace.

Cyberbullying can stunt a child’s personal development and interfere with learning.

Cyberbullying, at the extreme, can contribute to suicide. But it can also lead to bad eating habits, eating disorders, which can be linked to depression.

Cyberbullying is like the Dead Sea; nothing good can come from it, except the pleasure experienced by bullies floating on the satisfaction that comes from their endless taunting of victims.

Cyberbullying allows the bullies to take joy in what seems cool and enjoyable on the surface; meanwhile, beneath the surface there is no life. There is only suffering and the dead cries of victims who feel neglected and rejected.

Cyberbullying must end.


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